The Best Motorcycle Boots Complete Guide

Hello there, it’s good to see you here. You must have been new to the community, right? It’s alright,
with our guide, you can now choose the best motorcycle boots with ease. We know there are too many
boots available, too many brands on the market, yet you have so little time to try them all. However, it
will be much simpler with our how-to’s instruction here.

Best Motorcycle Boots Complete Guide

Buying motorcycle boots is essential for every adventurer. It’s a useful investment piece that not only
keeps you safe but also gives you that sturdy look of a biker. By asking a few questions below, we will
help you identify functional quality motorcycle boots. And now, without further ado, let’s get to it.

What Are Motorcycle Boots?

First, what are motorcycle boots? Typically, riders can easily experience some issues such as twisted
ankles, small injuries, or sliding problems. Twenty-six bones and over a hundred muscles and joints that
come together to make up your foot. And while we may not take it seriously, foot injuries took the
longest to health. That’s why you should need a pair of high-quality motorcycle boots. It will prevent you
from most injuries, adding comfort to your ride, and do much more.

Motorcycle boots are not a free size pair of shoes that can fit everyone. You’ll have to choose it based
on your body, your type of ride, and also your taste. So with our guide, you can easily pick out and
determine what the best motorcycle boots for your needs are.

How Motorcycle Boots Protect Your Foot?

If you think a casual pair of sneakers can help you do the work, you should think again. It’s more than
protecting the feet in usual ways. Motorcycle riders are usually facing many more injuries than others.
So the best motorcycle boots will help them avoid impact and abrasion in an accident.

Impacts can be caused by a rock hitting one’s foot during a ride, or when they fall onto the ground. They
can also get hit by other objects and cause damage to their foot. Abrasion is also dangerous, especially
in a crucial accident where a rider is hit and thrown off their bike at high speeds. Long socks, fashion
boots might look safe, but they will not provide enough protection that you need.

That’s when you need motorcycle boots. It keeps your ankle in the right position, protecting them from
broken after injuries. It also covers a vast amount of the leg, which literally means an armor for your leg
and foot. Motorcycle boots are designed especially for riding features, with built-in pads and ankle
protection or slip-resistant soles and so on. That’s why it provides far more safety than any other shoe.

Choosing The Best Motorcycle Boots, What Feature You Should Look For?

Although you cannot see, there are many features on motorcycle boots that you should concentrate on.
Selecting motorcycle boots can be complicated, but with this instruction, you’ll never have to worry

Height: To ensure the best protection for the feet, your boots should go all the way up to your ankle, at
least. Higher top boots will be stiffer and less comfortable, also comes with a little heat trapped inside.
But they will provide the safest protection for your feet and keep you safe and sound after most crashes.

Material: Since you’ll be using it quite regularly, it’s best to buy the product with more durability that
also has some latest material tech. Usually, you can see canvas or thick leather on these products, but
we highly recommend buying materials that can be waterproof as well. Some manufactures also make
their progress in producing the material that is more breathable yet still sturdy enough to withstand
both weather and harsh impact.

Fit: Just like buying any other shoes, your motorcycle should fit well to your feet. Too small or too large
will also cause severe damage when it comes to an accident. One more reason for choosing the right
size is that it will give you more comfort. As you may wear a pair of motorcycle boots for a while on your
trip, comfort should be prioritized.

Soles: If you’re on the ride with some off-road track, search for deeper tread soles. Your soles act just
like the tire of your motorbike, and with both, you won’t want any to be slippery. But if you’re riding on-
road only, choose the best motorcycle boots with smoother tread.

Closure: Whether it’s laces or buckles, you’ll need to ensure that they don’t loosen up while you’re
riding. Laces boots are better for movement and removing as well. But it’s best to have a good quality
buckle to strap them in place. This feature will add more safety and security to your boots, ensuring
everything stays in place while at high speed. The last thing you would want to happen to your boots is
it’s not tightened up properly.

Design: Just like any other product that is both functioning and giving out the rider vibe, your shoes
should look beautiful as well. Some boots aren’t always screaming rider profile, looking humble and
quiet yet still have everything secure.

Toe Box: This will be the most vital protection for your toe with any damages caused while up-shifts.
However, they need to be placed in the right place and won’t hurt your feet while walking.
Beside all details above, you also need to look for some extra protection pads hidden inside. And they’re
there for some good reasons. Your legs and feet have some sensitive areas that can easily be hurt, so
some supportive pads are essentials.

And that’s it. It is the ultimate guide for you to select the best motorcycle boots on the ride. It’s not just
about style or that impressive rider aesthetic; it’s more about your safety. Motorcycle boots have such a
massive contribution in keeping you unharmed after any unexpected accidents. So it will be worth your
investment in these products.

Also, don’t forget to comment on the best motorcycle boots of your choice down below. We’d love to
see what comes up to your jam.


Best Ways to Dry Your Motorcycle Boots – Super Quick and Easy

This is to all workers, hikers, riders, and anyone who had a bad day with wet boots. Been there, done that. We’re so sick off those wet, damp, stinky boots, and we know you feel the same as well. But no more wet boots, guys. It’s time for the best solution for drying your motorcycle boots.

Looking for some magic to make that happen? Look no further. We’ve put together a whole list of hơ to properly dry your boots without leaving any odor left. And it’s not just that, during your ride, you’ll easily get a splash or catch rain, aren’t you? We will show you how to keep the best motorcycle boots that you love always dry and clean.

Motorcycle Boots

What To Prepare Before Drying Your Boots?

First, start with using a soft brush to remove any dirt or debris left on the boots. This will help you remove all the stains and discoloration of your motorcycle boots.

Next, remove all the laces if your boots have any. Or if yours have some straps, open them out as well. This will help to dry them quicker and avoid having stains. If it’s possible, also remove the insoles.

Work in a large, has excellent air circulation space. Lay a clean towel under your working session to prevent any damage to the floor.

And now, you’re ready to clean it out!

Best Ways To Dry Your Boots

1. Boot Dryer

If you tend to say something like it’s such a waste of money, but hold my beer. It will cost you quite a lot at first, of course, but consider this as an investment piece. But since your boots are some of the best motorcycle boots, you will want to protect and take care of it properly. There is no way on Earth you would wish to have bacteria and fungus partying in your shoes, right?

But this is only useful if:

You want everything dry and clean over a few hours.

You live where it’s always rain and cloudy all the time.

You have to drive through muddy places every day.

Your boots get wet every time you go out.

Otherwise, if it’s just once in a while, then you can move to the next tip. But if this is just right for you, it will be a good investment product that will be bang for your buck. Also, a boots dryer helps to keep your boots in shape and good condition while drying it out. Thus, if you love a care-free life, just put your motorcycle boots on the dryer, turn it on and let it do the job. Then this is the best way to dry your boots.

2. The Old School Newspaper Method

This is the old-school trick to dry your boots, which will work beautifully for all types of boots. It’s super useful to suck out all the moisture trapped inside. First, roll up your newspaper and fill up your boots with as much as possible. If you can, cover the outside of your boots with some paper as well to draw out all mixture. Replace the newspaper every 2 hours until the boots are completely dry.

However, on the other hand, you should be careful since the ink on the newspaper can leak and leave stains on your boots. If it’s a darker color canvas or thick leather, then you’re alright.

3. The Classic Towel Method

As effective as the newspaper method, but if you don’t have enough newspaper, you can use this method instead. Lay your motorcycle boots out on the floor and wrap the towel tight around it. Tuck a smaller towel inside to dry the newspaper from inside out. Then replace the towel after you’ve seen that it’s soaked.

4. Turn Your Fan On

This household item can be your life-saver when it comes to dry out things. The air that goes through a fan will remove all the moisture from your wet, damp boots. However, you should hang your boots upside down and leave it in front of the fan for a few hours. For a faster result, you can combine this trick with the towel or newspaper method.

What Not To Do When Drying Motorcycle Boots?

1. Direct Heat Source

It’s hard to resist blowing the hair dryer through your pair of boots to help it dry quicker. Yes, it helps. But should you do it? Absolutely no! This will only cause damage to the leather and canvas, make it lose original form and shape. It even can go further and destroy the glue inside. If you need to dry it near a heat source, mind your distance.

Another heat source that you might think of is the Sun. However, direct sun exposure can cause some severe damage to your boots, including losing form and discoloration. That’s why we recommend not to dry your motorcycle boots near or under any direct heat source to save the life of it.

2. Do The Job In Small And Dark Place

The lack of air circulation will take much longer for the boots to dry. This will lead to some harmful effects such as fungus, bacteria, and bad smell all over your motorcycle boots.

How To Keep It Dry All The Time?

Having at least two pairs of motorcycle boots will help you much better with the drying process. Or else, you should invest in a boot dryer.

Spray your boots with nano spray to help make it waterproof. With this method, water will come right off your boots with ease after 2-3 coats. Other DIY techniques such as wax or candle can be applied, but we must say that it can’t be as effective as using nano spray or sneakers spray.

And that’s all our tips and tricks on how to dry your boots. We know that you’ve put a quite amount of money into the best motorcycle boots you could find, so it’ll be a waste ruining them with wrong drying methods. Now you can get rid of all the wetness from the rain, sweat, or muddy water with such ease.


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